Video production

Visual communication is the most powerful promotional tool so it is necessary to have strong visual support. When it comes to creating a website, ads or any other promotional materials, professional photography or video will become your strongest ally in attracting new customers to your business.

Video Production in Real Estate and Branding in Montenegro

Video filming of real estate is in special demand in the 2020s and, according to forecasts, due to the growth of data transfer speed and the development of online communications, this demand will only grow.
Most often it is carried out for advertising and marketing purposes by individuals, real estate companies, agencies and developers. The goals can be to attract the attention of buyers, to review buildings, premises and houses, to advertise services.
Conventionally, they can be divided into two categories: video walkthrough tours, where the object is shown as if from the side of an observer, and a video guide tour, where the review takes place from the presenter's side, with his manner, comments and display logic.
During the editing process, various elements can be added here - musical accompaniment, voiceover, interesting transitions, special effects, animation, screensavers, computer graphics and more. It is necessary that the content arouses the interest of potential customers and buyers.
The videos will be beneficial and exciting to provide information about the object, demonstrate it from the best and most advantageous sides.
In the frames of such content, the interior of the room, the facade of the building, internal and external conditions are demonstrated.
An attractive video walkthrough tour or guide tour (with the participation of a realtor) guarantees the maximum attention of buyers to the proposed object. As they say: "it's better to see once."

Professional Aerial Videos

Drone technology has advanced to the place where anyone, including you, can now have professional, high resolution, aerial videos created for their business.
Whether you want that perfect shot for your indie film project, the perfect angle for your wedding, an aerial view of your business, or just something amazing to wow your customers, you can now get what you want with professional drone videography!
Our saying here at PROMO-MONTENEGRO is this, "A drone pilot doth not a photographer make".
Just because you find somebody with a drone license and a camera drone doesn't mean you have found a photographer or videographer.

Photography is a skill we have cultivated with patient study and experience from thousands of residential photo-shoots. Also, you can have peace of mind knowing we are insured. Our photographers' liability insurance policy extends to our fleet of drones. We're covered in the air or on the ground.
Simply call us today to schedule your FREE consultation and discuss the options available for you, your business, or your next project using aerial videos.

  • Available on computer, TV and mobile devices
  • You can rewind, zoom in, pause
  • Representation of an object from all angles
  • Use of text, graphics and music
  • Comments or subtitles in other languages
  • Advertising on TV, video billboards
  • Use on social networks: VK, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Insert on sites, portals, articles
  • Placement on YouTube, Vimeo channels
  • Installation in Google profiles my business, Yandex firm
  • Show at exhibitions / seminars

We offer professional video production

photo_inreior Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Interior Video
photo_exterier Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Buildings Video
photo_drone Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Professional Aerial Videos
virtual-home-torus-360 Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Video in VR360 format
photo_advertising5 Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Promotional Video
photo_event Video - PROMO-MONTENEGRO, advertising agency
Events Video

How we are working?

High quality

Extensive experience in video filming and the use of professional equipment allows us to guarantee the quality of the created materials.


We work only with experienced videographers, editors, technicians and engineers with experience in film, advertising and television.

Possible work under a contract

Payment in cash or to a bank account without increasing the cost. We will help you draw up a technical assignment and prepare the property for video production.

The result will not keep you waiting

Optimization of work processes, joint approval of technical specifications with the client guarantee the receipt of the finished video in the shortest possible time. We will always be in touch. Our goal is not only quality work on time, but also your positive emotions from its result.

Consultation and assistance in preparation
In most cases, before shooting, we together with the customer find out: for what purposes it is planned to use the video, how to present the object more profitably, how to optimize the time and cost of work, what to prepare, what decorations to buy, etc.

Estimated prices for video filming and video production in Montenegro

Initial consultation (meeting, by phone or online)free
Aerial video of real estate by a drone from the air in Montenegro (with a license)from 120€
Video of apartments, houses and villas: reviews and walkthrough tours, editing (without effects)from 150€
Promotional videos for hotels, restaurants and mini-hotels with professional editingfrom 250€
Video report for developers on the progress of construction in Montenegro, per projectfrom 250€
Video of events, up to 1 hour120€
Video in VR360 format of finished video, up to 30 minutes 200€
Transport and overhead costsfrom 20€
Editing of raw video material and post-processing: transitions, text, imposition of visual effects, etc., per projectfrom 100€

Special Packages for Real Estate Video Production in Montenegro


280 €up to 3 hours
  • departure (coast) of Montenegro
  • video of interior, facade
  • video by drone
  • mounting
  • basic processing


150 €1 hour
  • departure (coast) of Montenegro
  • video of interior
  • mounting
  • basic processing

Mini Hotel

470 €up to 5 hours
  • departure throughout Montenegro
  • video of interior, facade
  • video by drone
  • mounting, effects, titles
  • professional processing


99 €
  • departure (coast) of Montenegro
  • video from client's photos
  • professional mounting, up to 1 min
  • insert text, logo, effects
  • photo frames change to music