Real Estate Marketing

"The strategy for successful real estate marketing is to create an informational "cocoon" around each potential client. To constantly be in the same place as people - on their favorite sites, social networks and other convenient touch points ..."

Real Estate Marketing in Montenegro

Real estate is the largest and rarest acquisition in life. The transaction cycle when buying an apartment or house can take up to a year. During this time, the buyer studies everything "inside and out": options, location, house chosen, developer's reputation, payment methods.

It is difficult for sellers in real estate: real incomes of the population are practically not growing, and more and more square meters appear on the market, especially in economy class.

At the same time, standard advertising technologies like street banners and advertising in search results are no longer enough. The scheme of the path to the deal becomes more complicated: the buyer comes to the website using a banner, then sees an advertisement on a social network, communicates with you in a chatbot, visits the site again, subscribes to a group on social networks ... to speak of the deal.

The strategy for successful real estate marketing is to create an information "cocoon" around each potential client. Constantly be where people are - on their favorite sites, social networks and other convenient touch points. Create a strong and positive company information field.
Real estate website
It all starts with this. It can be a large portal for the sale of real estate by a large international agency, a regional website, or even a landing page for the sale of one specific object with a clearly defined USP. In any case, successful internet marketing starts with your website, even if it is supposed to be used as a business card.

SEO real estate promotion
Be the first on the Google and Yandex search page. Get more clients. Optimize your site while competitors are weakened. The crisis is the best time to enter the TOP search!

Online advertising for real estate
The starting point for a real estate marketing strategy is online advertisements. The first contact with a potential client is easiest to make on the sites he is familiar with. This can be done using banner advertising, which is configured in Google and Yandex.
We will catch more interested clients who are already looking for an apartment with the help of contextual advertising. And those who saw our ad or went to the site, we will warm up with the help of remarketing.

SMM in real estate
SMM can be divided into two blocks - maintaining your own accounts on social networks and launching advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing for Real Estate
Newsletters will help you gradually warm up a potential client and create a warm, trusting relationship with him. Email marketing in real estate can be built according to general principles - to maintain regular contact with the client and send him personalized mailings.

Estimated prices for Real Estate Marketing in Montenegro

Initial consultation (meeting, by phone or online)free
Internet marketing audit, per projectfrom 150€
SEO promotion, per monthfrom 150€
The cost of creating and setting up an advertising campaign Google Ads or Yandex.Directfrom 150€
Monthly advertising campaign management, from budget30%
SMM promotion, per monthfrom 200€
Content creation: blogs, articles, copywriting, per 1000 charactersfrom 10€
Promotion of videos or YouTube channelfrom 200€
Setting up end-to-end site analyticsfrom 200€
Design and layout of the catalog with offers for real estate agencies PDF, for 1 page20€
Editing of selling videos with photos or video material with effects and text, up to 1 min300€

Special packages for real estate digital marketing in Montenegro

setting up 1 Google or Yandex campaign

150 €one-time
  • profile registration
  • competitor analysis
  • semantic core
  • keywords
  • negative keywords
  • link with analytics Google or Yandex

advertising campaign management

from 150€per month or 30% of the budget
  • when ordering from 3 months
  • internal website optimization
  • setting up analytics systems
  • work with external optimization
  • account replenishment through us
  • final report every month

for the developer

300 €per month, from 1 year
  • website creation
  • registration in Google, Yandex systems
  • domain placement in any zone
  • professional website layout
  • inserting your images, text, logo
  • SEO setting
  • SMM marketing settings
  • running Google and Yandex advertising campaigns

landing page for sale

200 €1 year
  • registration in Google, Yandex systems
  • placement on the ours free domain
  • professional layout
  • inserting your images, text, logo
  • SEO setting

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