Live on the Internet

A large in-house technical base of professional shooting equipment allows us to offer a full range of streams for your events.

Live Broadcasts on the Internet in Montenegro

Online broadcasts are an integral part of business and our life in general. Information and advertising broadcasts are rapidly gaining popularity. Video broadcasts attract your target audience, "move your business" closer to the client. Even small companies "stream" corporate trainings, and theaters - performances. Online broadcasts are gradually penetrating all spheres of life.
It is easy and simple to organize a live online broadcast on Facebook and YouTube with us
Streams on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks are gaining more and more popularity every day.
Many companies and brands are actively using live events to improve quality
interaction with the audience, as well as significantly increase the coverage of publications.
There are four things to consider when streaming:
  • Location. It is necessary to plan the placement of cameras on the site for the best view of the picture in the stream and the laying of patch cables. Availability and sufficiency of lighting equipment, acoustic and sound support.
  • Number of cameras. Decide on the number of cameras from which you need to stream live broadcast. For a high-quality stream, we recommend using at least 2-3 cameras.
  • Internet connection. Provide a stable connection to the Internet, without filtering outgoing traffic and the minimum required speed of 10Mb / sec.
  • Team. From one highly skilled broadcast operator to an entire team of editing director, line editing engineers, cameramen, lighting and sound director.
  • We carry out video broadcasts both from premises and from the streets, from stationary or moving cameras.
  • The video can be streamed to the Internet on YouTube, Facebook, to your website, or to a demo monitor / projector.
  • If you have your own cameras, we can transmit video from them, or provide professional operators with all the necessary equipment.
  • Concerts, cultural events.
  • Political and educational reports and speeches.
  • Live coverage of corporate events.
  • Online video bridges from work sites, at industrial facilities.
  • Lectures and seminars, conferences with video broadcast on the Internet.
  • Online video tours of enterprises.
  • Live broadcasts of the competition.
  • Thousands of new viewers will be able to watch live broadcasts of events. Broadcasting video to the site and popular platforms and video hosting will attract the target audience and the attention of the world media.

  • Growth in the number of audience due to retransmission on the Internet: Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Twitch and other services.

  • Earn more on the sale of online participation using paid subscriptions, donations, sale of services.
    Content for marketing, PR, training.

  • Broadcasts save time, save on flight costs, and allow you to receive information of interest without distracting from the workflow.

How we are working?

High quality

Extensive experience in video filming and the use of professional equipment allows us to guarantee the quality of video broadcast.


We only work with experienced videographers, editors, technicians and engineers with experience in film, advertising and television.

Possible work under a contract

Payment in cash or to a bank account without increasing the cost. Together with you, we will draw up a technical assignment, we will help to prepare a shooting site.

The result will not keep you waiting

Optimization of work processes, joint approval of technical specifications with the client guarantee that the work is done in the best possible way. We will always be in touch. Our goal is not only quality work on time, but also your positive emotions from its result.

Consultation and assistance in preparation
In most cases, before starting the broadcast directly, we together with the customer find out: which sites are supposed to be broadcasted, which target audience, how to optimize the time and cost of work, what to prepare in advance, what details to work out, etc.

Estimated prices for Live Broadcasts on the Internet in Montenegro

Initial consultation (meeting, by phone or online)free
Broadcast to one of the platforms YouTube or Facebook with one camera, per hourfrom 140€
Broadcast to two platforms YouTube and Facebook with one camera, per hourfrom 170€
Broadcast to two platforms YouTube and Facebook, two cameras, in an hourfrom 200€
Team work, broadcast to 3 platforms, 2 operators, 3 cameras, per hourfrom 270€
Team work, complex projects, linear audio and video editing, from 3 cameras,on request
Transportation and overhead costs upon requestfrom 20€
Editing of the filmed video material and its post-processing: transitions, text, imposition of visual effects, etc.from 100€

Special Packages for Live Broadcasts on the Internet in Montenegro


150 €up to 1 hour
  • departure (coast) of Montenegro
  • 1 video camera
  • 1 broadcast operator
  • static splash start / end
  • broadcast to one platform
  • recording the broadcast on the disk


340 €2 hours
  • departure (coast) of Montenegro
  • 2 video cameras
  • 1 broadcast operator
  • channel registration as needed
  • static splash start / end
  • videos / ad inserts
  • broadcast to one platform
  • recording the broadcast on the disk


500 €up to 5 hours
  • departure throughout Montenegro
  • 2 video cameras
  • 1 operator
  • 1 editing director
  • logo, video screensavers
  • videos / ad inserts
  • broadcast on YouTube and FB
  • recording the broadcast on the disk


850 €up to 8 hours
  • departure throughout Montenegro
  • 3 video cameras
  • 2 videographers
  • 1 editing director
  • logo / titles, video screensavers
  • videos / ad inserts
  • linear editing
  • broadcast on 3 platforms
  • recording the broadcast on the disk

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