Hotel Marketing

Promotion of a hotel on the Internet is an important way to present your business to the general public, to inform about your existence, benefits and, most importantly, to find your client. It's important to do it right!

Hotel Marketing in Montenegro

There are many internet marketing strategies, as well as high competition among hotels, so you don't have to expect that you will immediately get into the TOP of the search results, but this is also worth working on. The starting stage is the creation of a site, its optimization and promotion in search engines. Next, advertising in search engines, setting up contextual advertising, launching pages on social networks, sending e-mail, registering on the Internet with travel aggregators, and much more are connected.
What can we do for your Hotel or apartment accommodation?
  • NEW !!! Google Hotel Ads system. Generating guests for hotels and apartments.
  • Development of specialized hotel websites adapted to better promotion and sale of accommodation.
  • Direct room reservations – special programming for faster and easier reservations.
  • Integrated Chat systems for several operators, which include website, Whatsapp, FB Messager, Viber, etc. - direct increase in sales through direct communication with potential guests.
  • Opening, branding and development of pages on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, VK, Twitter, Tik-Tok, LinkEdin.
  • Creating a 360 virtual hotel tour and placing on Google maps.
  • Open and fill Google My Business system accounts, maps.
  • Integrated reservation systems related to PHOBS.
  • And much more, which improves the sale of accommodation via the Internet: photos, videos, etc.
Website promotion for the hotel
The presence on the Internet begins with the creation of a hotel website, the development of a clear interface with a description of the room stock, business services, additional accommodation options and much more with thoughtful functionality, the possibility of pre-booking at the hotel, photo and / or video presentation. It is important that the site is simple for the user and informative. At the same time, more and more guests prefer to view information on smartphones - it is necessary to adapt the site for mobile devices.
Even the best design does not guarantee that from now on you will be found by guests through the search engine. Yes, search engine bots will start visiting your site, indexing its pages and making it searchable, but which page in search will you end up on? If people don't find you, they will most likely book a room with your competitor. Therefore, use search engine optimization and other methods of hotel promotion to increase the site's ranking.

To do this, you need to compose the semantic core of the site - to determine the keywords by which your visitor will search for you in the search engine. Then optimize text, photo and video content for search queries. Remember, keeping information up to date, relevant to search queries, content updates and additions are extremely important to your SEO rankings.

Professional SEO will help you rise to the TOP of search results, increase the visibility of the site, but due to the high competition in the industry, you should definitely use additional methods of hotel promotion.

Work is underway to maintain the relevance of the information on the site in a constant mode, because all the methods used in Internet marketing will lead guests to your site.
Put a booking engine on your website and you will unleash your sales potential.
  • Increases direct sales of your hotel.
  • Suitable for any site.
  • Works without commission.
The online booking module allows customers to select the desired rooms and services in a matter of seconds and receive a booking confirmation in a form convenient for them.

Displays up-to-date information about available rooms, rates, promotions and special offers. Instantly informs the client about the cost of rooms and services.
Allows you to select offers for a specific date and date range. Formation of proposals of various lengths of days / nights.
If there are no free rooms for a specified period, the module will automatically generate offers for the coming dates.
So, travel aggregators (TA) - what can they do for your hotel? They are both search engines for hotels of specified criteria, with the ability to leave or read reviews and a ranking system for various parameters, on some aggregators it is possible to book a room.
For example,,,,,, and others.
Placing a site in the systems of aggregators is an additional advertisement of a hotel on the Internet. A clear plus will be the ability to increase the flow of customers by fulfilling the terms of placement and your presence at these sites. The visitor will have the opportunity to compare the performance of hotels and find exactly what he needs in terms of price, quality of services, location and other search filters.
Aggregators are popular with travelers and help them make their choice. Aggregator indexing will also increase your hotel's visibility and ranking in search engines. Fill your profile with content, update information. After all, TA, like search engines, use their own ranking algorithms and paid hotel promotion will help increase the number of bookings.
Advertising of the hotel website will help to complement the quality work on the hotel website to attract guests. The best option is to set up contextual advertising, which is based on user behavioral characteristics, which is guaranteed to direct the target audience to your site, and the ads will be shown to interested guests. For this, Yandex.Direct or Google Ads can be used. This is important, because the user gets to view exactly what he is looking for.

In addition, if you are unable to achieve a leading position in the search engines, you can ensure that your ads appear in the search results while people are searching for a hotel. For example, Google Ads.
Social networks from the search and communication of classmates and old acquaintances have turned into a global trading platform for the promotion of goods and services. Therefore, in the case of hotel promotion, be sure to include the creation of accounts on social networks.

Every third traveler communicates on social networks and to help him choose the right place, optimize your presence strategies on these sites. It doesn't take long, but it can attract visitors. This can be either a regular user account or an official hotel page.
People tend to trust more the recommendations of their acquaintances, "friends" in social networks who have already visited the hotel. Attract existing and potential guests to your page:
create interesting content with tips, inspiration for the holidays or important events to host,
create exclusive offers for subscribers,
run contests that will help repost and spread information about you online.
Promotion of the hotel in social networks will popularize the hotel and bring new visitors.

Don't ignore such an important part of online promotion opportunities. Motivate your customers to leave reviews on your social media page, with a hash tag on your page, on travel aggregators. A separate page of the hotel website can be distinguished for reviews. Visitors want to know in advance where they are going, what those who have already been there think of the hotel, what impression did they have after their stay?

Of course, I would like all the reviews to be positive, but everything cannot be perfect, and even if it can, there will be a client who is not satisfied with something.

Therefore, be prepared for negative reviews as well. But you can turn any negative into a positive for yourself, providing answers to satisfied and unhappy guests with the opportunity to correct the situation or receive a certain bonus.

Review-review from an opinion leader
Bloggers on social networks are very popular, they listen to them, subscribe to their accounts and repost records. Encourage bloggers to visit your hotel, perhaps even for a review. Reviews increase visibility and encourage you to visit the same hotel.

Cases include mailing lists in effective hotel promotion. What could it be? Do not spam your customers daily emails - it will bring more annoyance than good. Encourage customers to self-subscribe to report exciting offers, seasonal discounts, New Years, Christmas, Birthday specials, and more.

Promotion of a mini hotel or a large hotel complex has become available to everyone today thanks to Internet technologies. Improve the quality of service and timely update hotel information on websites, search engines, travel aggregators and social networks. Pay attention to seasonality, tie services to events in sports, business and the personal life of your customers when creating contextual advertising, and expect a stream of new guests and regular customers.
A tool that allows you to simultaneously manage all the sales channels you need. 
  • Suitable for any accommodation without limiting the number of rooms.
  • Synchronization with all leading 100+ booking systems
  • Sales management based on data analytics of each channel's performance.
  • Automatic update of information.
Updating information in automatic mode - when you make transformations within your internal system, they will be reflected in external OTAs.
Information about reservations.
Information about created reservations is automatically sent to all booking systems, excluding the possibility of overbooking.
Canceled numbers.
The canceled rooms are instantly made available for reservation in all reservation systems, increasing the chances of their sale.
Simultaneous updating of information.
The ability to simultaneously update information about prices, tariffs and special offers on all selected channels.

Estimated prices for Hotel Marketing in Montenegro

Initial consultation (meeting, by phone or online)free
Hotel / Restaurant Marketing Audit, Strategic Marketing Planfrom 200€
Hotel registration in,, etc.from 50€
Channel Manager system management, per monthfrom 50€
Website development for a hotel / restaurant with a booking modulefrom 600€
Creating and setting up advertising in Google Ads or Yandex.Directfrom 150€
Hotel (brand) promotion in social networks (SMM), per monthfrom 200€
Video filming of rooms, hotel infrastructure (light editing)from 150€
Commercials video clips for hotels with professional editingfrom 250€
Aerial photography of the hotel, set of 20-30 processed photos 150€
Aerial video of a hotel bydrone from the air in Montenegro (without editing)from 120€
Cost of 1 photo of food for restaurants, when ordering from 10 photos.from 10€
The cost of 1 photo of the interior of hotels / restaurants, when ordering from 20 photos.10€
Hotel filming in VR360 format, in 30 minutes of finished video with editing200€
Transport and overhead costsfrom 20€

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