Digital marketing

The use of Internet marketing tools determines the success of any business in the 21st century.

Digital marketing in Montenegro

On the Internet, information about you, your opportunities and offers must be disseminated and promoted as widely as possible. The website itself has rather limited capabilities for this, and there is a complex of Internet marketing for its advertising.
The initial stage of marketing promotion is the creation of an advertising strategy:
  • study by specialists of the peculiarities of your business, its unique advantages, target audience and competitive environment;
  • selection of advertising tools and "communication channels" with your potential buyers;
  • setting up and launching specific marketing promotion mechanisms;
  • analysis of the results obtained and adjustment of advertising campaigns.
Internet site marketing is needed by almost any business that plans to establish its presence on the Internet, wants to actively sell goods, brands, services, and launches a new product. In each specific case, you will deal with a different target audience, its different priorities and market conditions. Therefore, for each project it is necessary to use different types of internet marketing, but more often - different combinations.
Website promotion is a set of works aimed at increasing website traffic through the Google and Yandex search engines for targeted queries. With an integrated approach, we connect contextual advertising Google Ads and Yandex Direkt, promotion on social networks Facebook and Instagram.
The main types of Internet marketing
The main guidelines for the selection of types of marketing promotion are the potential clients of the site or social networks, and the ways of their communication with the brand. Marketers need to “reach out” to the buyer and offer him the product exactly in the form (positioning) that will be ideally attractive for the client and will cause the desire to buy it. This design is called a unique selling proposition (USP).

For different types of products and target groups of buyers, there are many Internet marketing methods and their combinations:
  • SEO - optimization and website promotion in search engines.
  • SMM - "white" promotion in social networks (content marketing, targeting, promotional posts, etc.).
  • Mobile Application Development - creation of special mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  • Email-promotion - mailing advertising mailings.
  • Contextual advertising is the fast promotion of sites through special advertising Internet services (Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Facebook Ads Manager, etc.).
  • Media promotion - placement of video, graphic and text advertisements on third-party thematic resources.
  • Online Reputation Management (SERM).
  • "White" website promotion - a set of works aimed at increasing site traffic through the search engines Google and Yandex for targeted queries. With an integrated approach, contextual advertising Google Ads and promotion in social networks Facebook, Instagram, VK are connected.
In any case, it all starts with analysis or the so-called. internet marketing audit.
We conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths-weaknesses of your USP); we understand what is important for your audience; we study how the sales process goes. We investigate the involved sales and advertising channels. Access to analytics systems and advertising offices is desirable.

Marketing audit includes the following questions:
  • How effective is the site? What prevents its effectiveness? How to raise it? (technical audit of the site for errors that hinder its promotion).
  • How do visitors use the site?
  • Why don't they do what the site was created for?
  • How do users of search engines perceive a link to a site (snippet)?
  • Is the site convenient to use?
  • Are the texts clear? Are they convincing?
  • What functionality should be added, and what only takes up space?
  • How can we improve design, navigation and content? How to improve usability?
  • How does the site differ for the best and the worst from the sites of competitors?
  • What do they say about the site and the company on the Internet?
  • What to do to make the site interesting for partners and media representatives?
  • How to get feedback from different target audience groups?
The standard audit includes:
  • Technical audit.
  • Functional audit.
  • Traffic audit.
  • Analysis of search queries.
The purpose of our specialists' work is to provide the required search engine results as quickly as possible. If you order SEO promotion of a website from us, then we study the specifics of your topic, analyze your competitors and achieve the maximum return on investment.
This work is a complex system that includes the following operations:
  • technical analysis. Errors and problems in the html code of the resource pages are detected, duplicate pages, "broken" links, errors in meta tags and page titles, etc.
  • are searched for. search audit. The analysis of snippets of pages indexed by the search engine robots is carried out, the search for the presence of technical pages in the search results is carried out and the formation of recommendations for eliminating such errors;
  • marketing analysis. The main competitors are checked and their merits in terms of optimization are determined;
  • complex works. The operability of absolutely all components of the web project as a whole is checked (site architecture, commercial, behavioral ranking factors, content quality, link mass).
Professional SEO audit services will be useful for projects that do not get the desired effect from the work related to the promotion of the resource in the search engines. We will help make the site more effective in attracting a new target audience.
Social networks are the most effective marketing promotion tool for small and large businesses. However, the specificity of social networks (direct communication with customers, quick response to suggestions and comments) requires the use of specific promotion tools that do not work when promoting Internet sites.

We are talking about SMM (Social media marketing) - a wide range of ways to promote in social networks. In addition to creating and maintaining commercial accounts, the system has a variety of promotion tools based on communication and advertising support. Using these resources, you can:
  • inform users about a new product or brand;
  • attract traffic to your own website and create a target audience;
  • stimulate sales / repeat sales with promotions;
  • manage the loyalty of the target audience and your own reputation;
  • use quick feedback (feedback);
  • launch viral marketing promotions.
Among the obvious advantages of SMM are the efficiency and interactivity of impact on the audience, wide communication resources, the ability to target promotions by many criteria (setting up target audience search filters). An important advantage is also advertising promotion with the help of reposts of your offers by subscribers themselves (word of mouth effect) and the ability to track and regulate the process in real time.

It is important to understand that SMM promotion requires time, experience, knowledge, constant work, the use of the most modern communication and advertising technologies. As a result, you will be able to increase the audience of regular customers and successfully move your business to a new level.
Contextual advertising is an advertising banner or text ad on a web page, messenger chat or YouTube broadcast by its appearance immediately making it clear that this is an advertisement. These banners or ads are often located just below the site header, in the sidebars of a web page, or at the bottom. The well-known Yandex.Direct and GoogleAds are examples of contextual advertising services on the Internet.

Contextual advertising is great for beginner projects, young sites, as it allows you to get the result immediately, from the first day after the start of the advertising campaign. A contextual ad is seen by users who search the Internet for what the advertiser offers.

In the case of an advertising campaign, the advertiser independently determines the necessary requests, the text of the ad, the display location, on which the price of the transition depends. The price is calculated individually for each request. Naturally, websites compete with each other for keywords and ad impressions on the same topic. The display order of ads is based on the auction principle. In contextual advertising, it is possible to change the text of the ad or terminate the advertising campaign at any time.
Why is contextual advertising beneficial? You do not spend money for displaying advertisements, only clicks (transitions) on ads will be paid. Only target visitors who are already interested in your offer will visit your site.
We consider email marketing to be an important sales tool.
Communication building, image building, loyalty building are the right things. But! What your business was started for - sales, right? Turning a subscriber into a regular customer is easier (and cheaper) than a person who once got to a site from a search. Try it. You'll like it!

What can email marketing do?
  • Increase the conversion on your first purchase.
  • Retain SEO or context driven traffic.
  • Increase average check, frequency of purchases and customer life cycle.
  • Encourage repeat purchases.
  • Keep those who leave.
  • And this is with the highest ROI among all Internet marketing tools.
Email marketing also solves the following tasks and allows:
  • Nudge for the first purchase.
  • Launch repeat purchases.
  • Remind about promotions and create excitement.
  • Offer a personalized discount.
  • Give a unique offer and personal recommendation.
  • Get closer to the audience.
  • Form an expert image for subscribers.
  • Help the client understand the product.
  • Get feedback and improve the product.
  • Answer potential customer questions.
The advertising possibilities of Google and Yandex are almost unlimited, and our specialists know how to turn them into profit for your site.
Online advertising should be part of a campaign to promote your site in search networks. Moreover, it is the Google Ads service with a relatively small budget that provides indicative results, attracting visitors to your target audience to the site.
Advertising in Yandex.Direct has long been beyond doubt when it comes to the Russian-speaking audience of the Internet.

Work plan for maintaining your contextual advertising

  • Selection of effective keywords.
  • Compilation of "selling" headers of the text of advertisements in accordance with the requirements of contextual advertising systems, additional settings (quick links, pictures, addresses and phone numbers, etc.)
  • Registration of a company in systems for placing contextual advertising. Drawing up the structure of an advertising campaign, splitting into groups and subgroups. Setting up a virtual business card. Setting up ad display: time, regions, thematic sites, additional relevant phrases, display strategies.
  • Determination of the optimal monthly and daily budget. Define and configure the most effective ad serving strategy. Set up budget and bid limits for keywords.
  • Configuring statistics systems Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics. Establishing a connection between advertising systems and statistics systems. Setting up "goals" and conversions to track the actions (purchases, orders) on the site.
  • Daily adjustment of rates according to approved positions and budgets, connection of strategies for holding positions and budget. Automatic tracking and notification of exceeding daily limits.
  • Daily monitoring of the display of advertisements, analysis of changes in the number of impressions. Equal distribution of impressions according to the approved schedule. Tracking of stoppages of advertising and website work.
  • Control over the distribution of the advertising budget during the advertising period. Tracking and informing about the end of funds on the account. Informing about budget overruns and sudden changes in the level of competition. Billing and payment of invoices.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of keywords and ads. Making adjustments to advertising campaigns, working to reduce the bounce rate and increase the CTR and the number of clicks.
  • Alteration.
  • Monthly statistics.
  • Preparation of recommendations for the client on the operation of the site, proposals for its improvement, efficiency improvement, elimination of technical problems.
Companies are actively using social media to increase brand awareness, confidence and sales. Their users regularly post information about their personal lives, which can be used for a finely tuned advertising campaign.
The question of how much advertising on Facebook (Instagram, Whatsapp) costs is especially relevant, because the service occupies a leading position among social networks all over the world.
When setting up advertising campaigns, our specialists are looking for potential customers who, with a high probability, will be interested in the advertised object - a product or service.

Facebook targeting advertising includes a wide range of different activities carried out by our specialists:
  • The target audience is determined: age, employment, interests, marital status and other characteristics of potential customers.
  • Creation of the company community and work on its optimization.
  • Definition of placement: in the messenger, news feed, stories, sidebar.
  • How the interaction will take place: advertising in the community, performing the desired actions (registration, downloading, submitting an application), transitions to the site.
  • Total cost of advertising on Facebook - preparation of a detailed estimate for the day and schedule of impressions.
  • Custom targeting for each ad group.
  • Development of creatives.
  • Setting goals and notifications for the analytics user.
  • Every day, the advertising campaign is monitored, if necessary, additional optimization is carried out.
  • Work on scaling advertising campaigns: reaching a similar audience, expanding ad groups, increasing bids.

Estimated prices for Digital Marketing services in Montenegro

Initial consultation (meeting, by phone or online)free
Internet marketing audit, per projectfrom 150€
SEO promotion, per monthfrom 150€
The cost of creating and setting up an advertising campaign Google Ads or Yandex.Directfrom 150€
Monthly advertising campaign management, from budget30%
Social media promotion (SMM), per monthfrom 200€
Content creation: blogs, articles, copywriting, per 1000 charactersfrom 10€
Promotion of videos or YouTube channelfrom 200€
Setting up end-to-end site analyticsfrom 200€

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