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Agency "PROMO-MONTENEGRO" provides services for the full cycle of digital marketing from creating visual content to promoting on the Internet and increasing the flow of customers or sales for your business in Montenegro.



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Live Broadcasts on the Internet

Live Broadcasts on the Internet

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing

Website Design

Website Design

Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing

Digital Marketing Structure

While everything is clear enough with visual content creation (photo and video), with internet marketing (digital marketing), not everything is so obvious. For a better understanding, we have presented the general structure of the Internet marketing complex.

Here are some different tools for attracting leads from different channels:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and contextual advertising to drive traffic from search engines.

  • SMM to attract visitors from social media.

  • Crowd marketing, content marketing, contextual, banner and teaser advertising, PR activity, etc. to attract from thematic sites.

  • Working with exchanges and CPA platforms to attract additional audiences from these platforms and systems.

  • Content marketing and viral marketing to attract audiences from video hosting (primarily YouTube).

  • Participation in partner and referral systems and programs.

  • Direct marketing, Email marketing, loyalty programs and interaction scenarios for re-attracting customers.

  • Influence marketing is a tool for attracting popular bloggers, stars and opinion leaders to promote a brand or a specific product or service.


Need a consultation?

Perhaps, having looked at the services that our company is ready to offer you, because of their variety, you did not have a clear picture of how we can help you.
Do not delay - call, write to us in the messenger or email, just formulate your question so that we can answer it quickly.

Does your agency work in Montenegro?

Yes, geographically we are located in a beautiful and sunny Montenegro. But this does not mean that we got lazy and stopped working )))
Almost all of our services on the Internet can be provided remotely without any additional complications for our clients living in other countries.

I have a new business. Where to begin?

Often such questions arise from people who have worked for a long time and quite successfully "on the knurled" when we have not yet entered the era of the Internet.
Yes, everything has changed now. We need to change both us and our approaches to doing business.
Contact us, in any case, we will help you navigate and offer clear and specific steps to develop your business based on market trends.

What is the profile of your PROMO-MONTENEGRO?

Our company is one of the first and so far the only one in Montenegro to provide a full cycle of marketing and advertising services in the real estate and hotel industry.
You can see the main areas of activity on the SERVICES page. In terms of geography, we provide work related to the physical presence on the territory of Montenegro, and we provide everything that can be performed and serviced remotely around the world.

Are your services only in real estate?

The real estate sector is our profile, but of course we provide all types of services "by themselves". For example, some of our photographers are successful in the wedding photography market, videographers making music videos, and website developers create online stores.
In our field, many complex, both related and completely unrelated areas of activity are involved, but we are all united by a common desire to give our customers more profit, increase awareness and enjoy the business.

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